Using the headcap wrench that is provided with the handpiece, remove the headcap by turning it counter-clockwise.

Remove the turbine from the handpiece- if the turbine does not come out with the headcap removal, push the turbine out through the rear.

Inspect the interior of the turbine chamber for cleanliness, O-rings and/or washers.  Also inspect the cap for cleanliness and rear O-rings.

Remove any O-rings and/or washers from the turbine chamber and headcap.  Turbine chamber and cap can be cleaned with Impact Air 45® lubricant and a bristle-brush.  Discard O-rings that are hardened or damaged. Discard washers that are worn.



Apply a few drops of Impact Air 45® autoclavable lubricant to the turbine and use a bristle brush to clean any fluids or residue.

Place the turbine - chuck side down - against a hard flat surface.  Grip the turbine and push down against the surface until you hear a click, then remove the bur.

Grasp the back of the chuck in front of the stack of small spring washers and remove the chuck assembly from the spindle.

Place a few drops of Impact Air 45® autoclavable lubricant into the spindle.



Insert a pipe cleaner into the spindle hole as far as possible.  Rotate the pipe cleaner inside the spindle several times being sure to make sideways contact with the inner surface of the spindle.

Remove the pipe cleaner, clean away any debris, and repeat the process until the pipe cleaner comes out clean.  Use Impact Air 45® autoclavable lubricant and a bristle brush to clean any fluid or residue from the chuck assembly.

Place the cleaned chuck assembly back into the spindle hole. Push the chuck in until it is fully inserted.

Place the turbine - chuck side down - against a hard, flat surface. Insert a bur into the spindle as far as it will go. (approximately halfway).  Grip the turbine, push down against the surface, and slide the bur in the rest of the way.

Replace the O-rings (black O-ring at the chuck end of the turbine and the blue O-ring at the bur end of the turbine) and washers.



Add a few drops of Impact Air 45® autoclavable lubricant into the turbine chamber and insert the turbine.  Use the bur to guide the spindle into the center of the hole.  As the turbine begins to seat, apply firm pressure with a wobbling motion to seat the front O-ring.  The end of the rear bearing should be flush with the open end of the turbine chamber.

Place the headcap on the back of the turbine cartridge so that it rests against the head.  Using your fingers, turn the headcap clockwise with slight inward pressure until threads engage.  Check to see that the cap is threading straight into the head and continue until finger tight.  Continue to tighten the cap with a cap wrench while ensuring that the turbine spins freely.

Be sure to tighten headcap securely so that it does not loosen during operation.

If the turbine does not spin when cap is tight, remove turbine and re-inspect O-rings and washers.  If problem persists- contact Palisades Dental for technical assistance.

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